Product Labeling Machine

TX-200 Series Intelligent In-mould Label Machine


· Technological Features:(German Model)
· The machine works under the microcomputer CNC control,The working program be written by the machine.
· The drive to the precision bailscrews is transmitted from servo motors to secure positioning within an error of less than ±0.02mm.
· The linear spherical ball guideways are durable in service life with less noise generated.
· It is easy to operate the X-axis and the Y-axis.
· The maitenance-free vacuum cup(for sucking and sticking the labels)can be accuratedly positioned.
· Wide application range.(Each time, it is possible to stick labels onto a single product up to 6 products,and it's easy to adjust.
· The setting-up of machine movements,the inquiry and modifications can be completed on the touch-type keys.The display on the CRT is given in Chinese version or in English version.
· The control system has the functions of trouble-shooting,self-diagnosis and to give prompts.
· The label sticking machine is a complementary facility for the full-automatic BFS(blowing-filling-sealing)3-in-1 machines.

● Technical Specifications:

Items Tx-200/3
No. of labels (in pairs) 3
X-axis servo motor 0.4kw
Y-axis servo motor 0.4kw
X-axis travel 0-880mm
Y-axis travel 2x(0-130)
Universal label library ≤300x450mm
Compressed air consumption 0.1m/min
Working air pressure 0.6mpa
Working voltage 220V/50Hz
Total power consumption 0.9kw
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) 1750x600x1600
Net Weight 450KG
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